Christian Francis
Defining Luxury

Luxury Ocean Front
Sapphire Suite Penthouse 09

South Beach, Florida
Allergen Free : Eco-Friendly : Organic

Exclusively and Solely for the 
Guests of the Sapphire Suite, Penthouse 09.

We care about your health, and with this mindset, we attend to things you might not readily see.  We go a step further than others without being prodded by market concerns and bring you a clean environment like no other.

We have searched the world over for the safest products without a mind to the cost.  Hotel rooms swim in a sea of chemicals.  At Christian Francis we use whenever possible only organic, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic dye and perfume free cleaning products, clothing detergent, softner, dish soap, window and surface cleaner from Seventh GenerationEcoverCaldrea, and OdoBan Earth Choice, and non-chlorine bleach.  We are continuously looking to improve, change, and/or add new products to make your visit allergy freeorganic, and as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Our Promise and Committment:

  • Allergies:  We do not allow pets or smoking in the suite.  We only use hypoallergenic dye and perfume free organic cleaning products whenever possible so that you can sleep and breathe easy.
  • Organic Plants:  As you relax and unwind on the Rooftop Terrace you can rest assured that the Rooftop Garden uses organic soil and is maintained without the use of non-organic pesticides.
  • Organic Mini-Bar Choices:  We have attempted to eliminate all sundries which have hydrogenated oils/trans fats and are non organic, while keeping our guests' preferences in mind.  After all their taste is the final determinent.
  • Fitness Room:  We have a fitness room on site for guests to maintain their fitness schedule and health.
  • Cotton Towels and Linens:  All towels and linens are made of the finest cotton which do not add VOCs to the air.
  • Durable Service Items:  We provide only the finest luxury silverware, plates, glasses, and cloth napkins to eliminate paper waste.
  • Energy Conservation/Efficiency:  We have reduced the amount of energy used to cool the suite by having an A/C installed which automatically shuts-off when the balcony door is opened.

We always are willing and ready to listen to suggestions and recommendations.  Thank you for considering us.
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